Here a Little, There a Little

Isaiah 28:9-10

by Christopher Joseph Bennett


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Inside the walls of this book lies the path to truth!

This book is a life altering book. This book is a collection of common questions people ask and must have the answers for, I put this book together from the King James Bible and thoughts of my own. I am calling this book Here a Little, There a Little, to let people know that to get the truth you must study your bible by reading Here a little, and There a little. I thought this would be a good way to reach many who, without these questions being answered, would not give their heart to the Lord . The meaning of here a little, there a little in their studies will become the theme of the type of studying they will start in everyday practice. These are just small studies and just touch the tip of biblical facts in the book of God. May you be blessed from these words of love, rebuke and repentance, that all may hear the truth in God's love.

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Book Excerpt

The nation needs a reform of the minds of the people. We must invest in our future way of life as a Christian nation. There is a lot to do in this war of the souls. We are Christians; we are warriors of God. In the day of Joshua I would have a sword and shield. And my commander would order me to kill and I would. And of the spoils I would pay tribute to the one true God. The leader is a leader of God, chosen of God in common with Him. His orders were go forth and kill in the name of the one true God. This is the life of the children of Israel. As all that serve are! Jesus came the SON OF THE FATHER of heaven. To show us the way. He came to teach us truth and to give us a fighting chance. Love is His way and the call to arms is over my friend. It is time for the world to disrupt in an orderly fashion of love and preparation for the people. Since the death of Jesus we have been waiting and preparing for his return. Well, your wait is over. The prophecies are here. Now our tithes are to be spent on books and supplies for our houses and the people in our towns. Disaster is coming. We need our own tools to help in disaster relief in towns around us to fight for the very lives in the disasters to come. In these noble efforts the word of God will fly to the ears of the people. The weather is here. The wars and rumors of wars, the gay rights, the corruption in the church of the house of my Father. The mercy is leaving and the red horseman rides as you will soon see. No man of God is to take arms. But there are things to do. We need water purification machines and solar power even if in the basement OF YOUR HOUSE, food in store, medicine for disasters. There are more coming and there are lots of souls looking for answers in the commotion. There are disasters of unimaginable size coming. The leaders are going to be overloaded. We must show the non-believers this is coming in truth. We must be ready and have the truth in our hearts. Lets save lives friends. The nation can only do so much. We must stand behind the leaders and teach them the Lord is in control and the storm is coming and the warning is out and they need men of God to consult to save lives. Lets get books, food and water in every home of the Christian families. When disaster strikes we will be prepared and the world will know that the Lord is in charge and to those He loves He warns. And we prepare for the service of gathering the children. The Father has prepared their hearts, now we must show their minds. I am part of no church. My belief is my own. I study my bible and Strong’s Concordance in the privacy of my own home. This is the first of many books I plan on writing. The second is finished and is in the works. My friends now may be your last chance. The prophecy will fall mostly on you!

Testimonial from Anita Bennett

I feel compelled to share with you the history regarding the writing and completion of this book written by my husband. “Joe” began to write this book some time ago. He began putting his thoughts on various types of scrap paper, notebook paper, etc. which I stored in a small box for him. As time went on, this pile of notes grew quite large, and we spoke about typing up these notes and putting them into a book for people who wanted general information about God. Needless to say, the laptop computer was purchased this past winter! At this time, I was residing in Vernon, B.C. while my husband was residing in Nakusp, B.C. I had all the notes for the book with me in Vernon. Joe wrote down some additional thoughts on paper and when we combined the box of notes in Vernon with the notes he had written down in Nakusp, the book literally came together. Talk about divine intervention!

Prior to my typing of this book, I was acquainted with God. As I typed and verified the scriptures from my bible, I realized that I wanted God in my life. Basically, this book brought the Lord to me. Amen.

May God bless all who read it and make the decision to have God in their life, just like me!

I want to thank my husband for being the tool in which God has used to write this book. It has truly made a difference in my life.

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About the Author

Christopher Joseph Bennett

Christopher Joseph Bennett is a logger from the Okanagan Valley, in Canada, B.C. He is 47, and the father of two girls , Alysha Lynn and Marlie Justine Bennett. Here a little, There a little is the first in a series of recent pursuits, with work progressing quickly on the follow-up. "This book has inspired me to begin a new way of life. I look for the next service on my path to serve the Lord, with all excitement." Or find me on

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