Life Training and Communications of The Father

Steps in Spiritual Growth

by David J. Scheschy

Life Training and Communications of The Father

Life Training and Communications of The Father

Steps in Spiritual Growth

by David J. Scheschy

Published Aug 17, 2010
331 Pages
Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / New Thought


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Incredible! This book calls to those who follow their own unique path of experiencing God.

What would you do if unexplainable, astonishing events suddenly began occurring in your life? Who would you tell? What would your friends and family members think?

This book chronicles many of the extraordinary events that resulted as part of a young man's inner spiritual quest, up until his mid life. Readers will feel as if they are personally a part of the happenings -- from a portal appearing in the man's shipboard bunk, to the shifting of his life's path -- the latter of which changed the history of one morning's events.

A few months later, after experiencing a personal upheaval in his life, he was in deep meditation when he began going through what turned out to be an intense spiritual training. It covered a period of six months. While he meditated, The Father showed him much about himself, God, the Spirit, the Universe and his and each of our relationships with the Divine and Creation. The author shares in vivid clarity what he experienced and was shown about soul structure, theta-state meditations, the All-Seeing Eye, the nature of spirit attributes, insights about the Holy Spirit, the extended nature of the body of God, and more.


About the Author

David J. Scheschy

David Scheschy was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He has a doctorate in Applied Spiritual Studies from the Institute for Transformational Studies.

Since the age of seven, when he had his first spiritual experience, his life has been one in silent pursuit of knowledge and insights about the divine Oneness we all share with God. That search included a career that allowed him to travel all over the globe, and to experience many different cultures and religions. Numerous unusual and supernatural occurrences have happened to him over the years. These, as well as rare spiritual insights and discoveries have become the impetus for this book.

David currently lives in Montana with his wife Debra, and son, Chad. He enjoys quietly following his spiritual path while living in an area blessed with beautiful forests, mountains and lakes.

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