Life’s Pathway: Inspirations to Fire the Soul

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by Jonathan Case


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Come inside, It is warm and full of light here. Secrets of a happy life revealed.

Culled from Bible, Talmud, Midrash, and lore the ancient masters speak to us. Their collective wisdom, spanning thousands of years, is gathered in these pages. In Life’s Pathway: Inspirations to Fire the Soul words of faith, laughter and hope come together. Here are the ideas that have shaped countless generations influencing political and religious leaders even to the extent of becoming the bedrock of civilizations and inspiring new faiths. Reaching across time, these sages continue to impel scholars in their studies, ethicists in finding the right solutions to today’s conundrums and illumination for those who seek light. Here are the instructions they have left behind, their secrets to living a positive life. In their own words, these teachers offer their timeless insights that are infused with power and meaning. Along with brief explanations, the wisdom of sages and saints emerge as powerful voices to guide us today. There is one reading for each day of the year to uplift and help maneuver us through the challenges presented by life.


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Let It Go

"After you have paid your fine in court, Sing a song and walk away." ~ Baba Kama 7

Torah and Talmud are consumed with justice. Reams of pages are devoted to ensuring that good people are protected from those who abuse them. That is why prisons are built. Courts sentence those who break the law. Fines are levied against thieves.

Yet, we rarely ask the underlying question: Why do we punish people at all? Do we punish the victimizer because we want revenge? Do we send felons to jail because we are full of moral outrage and this is the chance to exercise our anger?

Is there morality in watching enemies suffer? Does it accomplish some good? Do we feel better once judgment is passed? The punishment does not usually take away feelings of vulnerability and anger. The purpose of punishing victimizers is to protect people. Nothing more. Once the judge’s verdict has been made, justice is complete, and continuing to vent does not make us better people and erase the pain. Do not hold onto grudges. Let them go.

What is true for them is also true for us. If you are the one fined, accept the verdict, pay what is due, and walk away. God does not want an endless cycle of psychic pain to be relived and replayed. Once the judgment has been meted out, do not carry the burden. Pay the fine, then resume the course of life that God intended for you: living.

People do bad things. It is one great denominator of humanity. If it is a parking ticket, pay it and move on. The next time you will be more careful about where you put the car. If it is a sentence, serve it, learn the lesson, and get on with your life. If you have suffered because of a sin, accept the punishment, absorb the lessons, and walk away. Anything else keeps us from our appointment with destiny.

Lord, help me to forgive others their shortcomings. Help them forgive me. And help me forgive myself.


About the Author

Jonathan Case

Rabbi Jonathan Case has guided thousands of lives through the course of his career. As a pulpit rabbi and acolyte to some of the great minds of this past century he has unshelved dusty manuscripts, great tomes from bygone millennia, and made them accessible. Using the collective wisdom of the ages to shed light on everyday problems Case applies ancient insights to give depth and meaning to our lives. Each chapter reveals novel approaches to seemingly intractable issues from understanding pain to finding God. Journey to the Soul is his first published work using the mystic tradition of Kabbalah together with experience culled from more than two decades of pastoral work.

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