Life in Ann's World

The Adventures in Ann’s World

by Ladybug


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Naïve young girl is having what seems to be a perfect life, until one day her life is turned upside down by the people she cares about the most and by people she has never met. She discovers shocking details about her life and her family tree.


Book Excerpt

Early in the morning, I think it was about 1:00 a.m., I was sleeping when I heard a thundering clap that kind of sounded like thunder but louder, and then a sizzle. It was so loud it woke me from a deep sleep. The next thing I know is the whole house started to shake. Rosie, who was sleeping at the foot of my bead, started to panic. I get up real fast and start putting my clothing on. I grabbed my special-made saddle for Rosie and put her in it. The next thing I know Hunter is running into my room. In a panicked voice he said, "Ann, we have to go now." I go down the hall with Hunter and see Mom running out of her bedroom. The three of us run downstairs where we see dad in his office monitoring everything. He turns to us and says to get to the shuttle fast; the whole place is going to tear its self apart. Then I hear sirens and nothing but chaotic noises and motions as everything started to happen all at once. The house was shaking apart. First the walls started to crack, and then the roof began to fall inward. Dad ran out of his office just in time to see his office celling collapse, and the next thing I see are all red lights everywhere. the alarms deafen me as I run. All of us run to the car. Hunter and I get in the back of the shuttle with Rosie still in here saddle, whimpering and crying and yowling. Hunter and I are looking around scared, because we are in total misbelief that this is happening. Mom gets in the passenger side of the front seat. dad gets in the driver's side and shouts to the shuttle emergency protocols. The next thing I know a seat comes up behind Hunter and me as a belt is fastened around both of us. I make sure they are not hurting Rosie and look around. Mom had been belted into the car too. The car makes a horrendous noise and it starts to change. The outer part of the shuttle turns into an armor-plated vehicle all around the body. The glass becomes thicker and hard to see out of, but I can still see out it. A monitor appears between Mom and Dad where the rearview mirror should be hanging, and then the shuttle starts to take off. I ask Dad where the weapons were, and he pointed to the dash. "I was just kidding, Dad." "I am not, "he replies. Up and around we go. dad said it is programed to take us by the north bridge to make sure no one is left behind. We flew with debris falling all around us. I even would swear that some of it actually hit us. Dad said, "We are approaching the bridge now. "We passed by where the emergency pods had been, to see that everyone on the bridge was safely evacuated; they were to take them if anything went wrong before morning, and all of them were gone. The evacuation lights were on, indicating that everyone had made it to the escape pods, and there was no sign of life on the bridge, just falling debris everywhere. I even saw some debris fall through the window of the bridge. "Okay, now that I know everyone has made it out, it is time for us to get out of here before the whole thing explodes." I gulped and said, "Hurry, Dad." As the live-in shuttle was taking off to the new space station, Dad activated the weapons. I asked, "Dad, why do you need those?" "Incase some debris gets in our way. I will blast it out of our way so we can leave." Everything starts to get dark outside. The lights on the outer part of the shuttle lights up, and what I see is not something I ever want to see again. There are beams, cars, doors that used to be on people's homes flying past us. As the car flies on, there is a big black thing coming right toward us. Dad shouts at Mom to take over the weapons console, and Dad grabs the flight stick and we go rolling around to avoid the black mass approaching us. I say, "That was close, Dad." "Yes, I realize that , Ann." Mom continues to control the weapons and dad says, "if you see anything that size far enough away where we won't get hit by debris from it, then blast it out of our way." "Okay," Mom yelled excitedly. dad is flying the car now and Mom is watching for debris to keep it out of our way. I hear a really loud crack and then a very, very loud bang, I turn around to see what it was, and the place where we had been tore apart. " Dad," I shouted, "We need to hurry and get out of here. The north bridge is gone." The next thing I know Dad hits a button and the whole car gets red. We start to go really fast, and then I hear a whining and a yowling sound. It was Rosie. I comfort her as best as I can, then I hear something that sounds just like a laser blast. Mom was shooting at something. Whatever Mom was shooting at crumbled apart, and the debris from it was hitting the outside, but it never touched the shuttle we were in. "Dad, what is that red glow around the shuttle?" "It is a shield, Ann. This is not time to explain now, just stay in your seat and we will be fine." After we passed through all of the debris, we came to a wall. "Jessie, where is the door for us to go out: I don't see it." We flew down the side of this wall and we still could not find this Door they were talking about. "Jessie, you're going to have to blast us a hole; we have to get our of here. Something must have happened and the door is somewhere else. Use the lasers and make us a way out." Mom aims at the wall and fires; a giant hole appears, and I see stars. We fly through. Just as we made it though, the station that I grew up on was nearly gone. Dad starts to fly even faster, and I asked, "Dad why are you flying so fast? We are out now." "Yes, we are out, but we are not out of danger." "What do you mean:?" "The station is going to blow up. We need to hurry." I turned around and watch the station as it tears apart. It is not easy turning around while you're still in your seat belt, but I did. Dad decided to turn the shuttle around so we could watch and see what was to happen next. We watched and waited. Suddenly we heard a loud bang, and a lot of what looks like fireworks appeared in the blackness of space. All of a sudden our shuttle moves up and down and back and forth as if we were sailing on the ocean, and then nothing--complete darkness and total silence. Nothing; it was all gone.


About the Author


After high school I received an A-A in business, but when I was younger I used to go on tons of different adventures. I would carry my little dog in the basket on my bike wherever I went; I would go to the lake and lay there and watch the waves from the lake hit the shore and my dog would run around playing in and around the lake.



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