Libido: The Hunger Season

by Jago Muir


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What Dark Secret Hides in this Small Texas Town?

September, 1972 ushers in a new school year at Glenby High. English teacher Harvey Smith faces unexpected challenges from Sarah, a young religious fanatic, who rebels against the “sinful” literature he teaches, and Maybelle, a mentally challenged student who bears a terrible secret. Follow Harvey’s misadventures with Iris, his nymphomaniacal girlfriend, Bernie, his antsy roommate, and George Tilson, the testosterone-infused school counselor who can’t keep his hands off the girls. You will laugh at Harvey’s antics in this first of three series, but the dark, perverse secret that lurks behind the scene will horrify you beyond imagination. This is a story never to be forgotten. It will haunt you forever.


About the Author

Jago Muir

Jago Muir is a graduate of the University of North Texas, where he took a B.A. in English in the 1960s. He later did Master’s work at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. His study of linguistics and the English language earned him a place as a scholarly writer, publishing his work in the Lamar Journal of the Humanities. Muir currently lives in Liuzhou, China, where he teaches English as a foreign language. His wife, Xue Qing Wen, teaches philosophy and English at Laibin Vocational College.

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