Now I Get It!

Every Driver's Handbook

by Lewis McCaw


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NOW I GET IT makes understanding your car as easy as brushing your teeth.

Only on housing are you likely to spend more money than on your vehicles. This author uses his expertise in teaching to help you understand how things work. From that mysterious yellow “check engine” light to deciding whether you need Top Tier gasoline, what every driver needs to know is explained in ways that make learning enjoyable. No longer should you fear being ripped off at a repair shop because you will understand and be able to communicate with your technician. Whether your concern is replacing tires, figuring out strange brake noises or what causes your car to wander to the right, your newfound knowledge will empower you to make good decisions and save money. Learning new technical concepts can be discouraging if you are not mechanically inclined. Lew McCaw explains the unfamiliar by using analogies with everyday experiences you DO understand. An example is in comparing how your body’s central nervous system functions to how on-board computers control many systems in your car. Your five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch feed information to your brain. The brain has been taught and remembers how to make decisions based on those inputs from your senses. It then commands various body parts to perform. Numerous sensors on your vehicle send information to computers. They have been programmed to react to those inputs and command things to happen. Many systems on your vehicle are controlled by these computers. NOW I GET IT is a wonderful resource for drivers of all ages.


Book Excerpt

IMPROVING YOUR GAS MILEAGE This chapter highlights several causes for poor gas mileage. Certain driving habits that are the primary cause are discussed in detail. Here are a few other reasons you may be getting poor mileage. Underinflated tires are more difficult to start and keep rolling due to increased friction between the tire tread and road surface. Unnecessary weight in the trunk should be removed. In my own car, the difference between two and four passengers can mean a gain or loss of two mpg in fuel usage. Poor wheel alignment can cause rapid and uneven tire wear and decrease fuel mileage due to increased rolling resistance because one or more tires are scuffing along the road. A common cause of lower fuel economy is a dragging brake. After driving a few miles, pull off the road and stop. Walk around your car and place your hand on the center of the wheel where the lug nuts are. Any wheel that feels hotter to the touch than the others likely has a brake dragging. If you like toys, purchase an inexpensive infra-red temperature gun. Aim the gun at the same spot near the lug nuts on each wheel. A significant temperature increase has located the dragging brake. Truckers often do this at truck stops. Other causes are covered in this chapter. The author writes periodic blogs on Face Book that discuss other automotive problems and concepts. To see the most recent blog and catch up on all previous blogs, in the FB search box at the top type carsmarts 77 Now click on the title of the book "NOW I GET IT! EVERY DRIVER'S HANDBOOK". Then scroll down a ways to the most recent blog. Click the "see more" to read the entire blog. Continue scrolling down to read previous blogs.


About the Author

Lewis McCaw

Lew McCaw taught automotive technology for 33 years at high school and community college levels. As Director of Curriculum Improvement for the Department of Community Colleges in North Carolina, he worked with instructors from 56 community colleges. He holds degrees from SUNY College at Morrisville, SUNY Oswego and completed graduate work at Cornell University. His students from Ithaca High School won state and national championships several years in Plymouth Troubleshooting Contests. McCaw kept current with technology by attending corporate training centers, both domestic and foreign. Time as a service manager and salesman of diagnostic equipment added to his expertise. Lew and his wife, Mary-Beth, live in a retirement community near St. Augustine, Florida. He enjoys providing seminars for residents and writes on various topics.



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