Let Your Dog Lead

Musings on How to Create an Exceptional Life

by Mike Overlie


Book Details

Do you remember who you are? Do you remember who you used to be?

Author Michael Overlie found that the older he got, the more he had forgotten. In his search for self, he went further and further: to other countries, deep into the mountains, from swimming with the sharks to wielding an ice axe. There were glimpses—sightings—but he could never quite grab hold of what he was searching for. He did all kinds of crazy stunts, trying to impress others in hopes that they could tell him who he was. For some reason—multiple reasons, really—he kept feeling a pull toward his amazing, furry, four-legged wonders. Over time and through the spaces of his life, he was being guided back to who he was. He started to notice things. He heard whispers. He was feeling his truth. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Michael had the great fortune to be introduced to some of these amazing teachers: his wonderful, funny, difficult, and loving dogs. They kept him going in times of great stress, fear, and loss, and along the way, he was given opportunities to remember, over and over, how to love. They showed him how to get back to himself.

So, let your dog lead you back to yourself. Grab the leash, go for a walk, and listen to your teacher—and you’ll soon have the chance to meet yourself again!


About the Author

Mike Overlie

Michael Overlie has been able to deeply connect with animals since he was a small child. Now, as an author, coach, and happiness guide, he shares what is possible for others. His mission is to help men create a life of purpose through the teachings and love of their dogs.



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