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Modeled after Peter Beckford’s Thoughts on Hunting, Letters to a Young Huntsman provides a unique look into foxhunting today. From the perspective of one professional huntsman to another, it touches on many of the intricacies of the sport. If you’ve enjoyed Andrew Barclay’s articles in Covertside magazine then you should enjoy this book. It is an expanded group of letters to a fictitious young huntsman who has just taken over a pack of foxhounds. These letters, written from an older and experienced huntsman, are designed to educate the reader in this wonderful sport that so many enjoy. In this book Andrew visits many of the trials and tribulation that a huntsman must deal with in the course of a season, career, or lifetime with foxhounds.


About the Author

Andrew Barclay

Andrew Barclay has been involved with foxhunting all of his adult life. He was professional hunt staff at Green Spring Valley Hounds for twenty-seven years. He spent his first seven years whipping-in to the legendary Huntsman Les Grimes. Upon Les’ retirement in 1980 Andrew hunted the hounds for the next twenty seasons, until injuries caused him to step down. Since then he has been actively involved with the MFHA’s Professional Development Program and foxhunting with Green Spring Hounds and others. Andrew, his wife, Dawn, and their son, Bennett, still live in the Green Spring Hunt Country where they keep a small pack of beagles.