Lee Has Yellow Eyes

Understanding Sickle Cell

by Latoya Harris


Book Details

Sickle Cell awareness at home and school...

After raising my son who has sickle cell disease SS I was sure I was prepared for all of his challenges until at 18 he had a stroke. It forced me to be as strong as I can for him and my other family members. One thing that comforted me was awareness and knowledge and having the tools to stand up and fight. Lee is a boy who has sickle cell and is going to school and he is faced with adversity so he decides to open the eyes of those who want to see the world he lives in by having sickle cell. Lee gives his voice to those who are silenced by shame and ignorance.


About the Author

Latoya Harris

Latoya Harris was a teen mother with a child who has sickle cell disease who has raised him as well as her other children. Born in Palo Alto, California she was no stranger to challenges. The eldest of five, a natural caregiver and full of determination, to overcome all of that became an obstacle to keep her family together. She decided to combine her talents in art, parenting, writing and literally take them to print.