Last Minute Wilma and Her Toad Soup

by Jeanne Hayden


Book Details

What Happens When a Witch's Wimpy Broom Goes Bonkers?

It's Halloween night, and Last Minute Wilma can't wait to do what witches do best; fly through the sky on a magical broom. But none of her broomsticks are working, and time is running out on the biggest day of the year. Follow Last Minute Wilma as she casts spell after spell in hopes of getting her brooms airborne. But after being dunked into Wilma's smelly toad soup, it's her broom that gets the last laugh. If only Wilma hadn't waited until the last minute again!. I need a nighttime broom, a broom that will glow and glide through the evening sky. Why did I wait till now; why, why, why? An inspired Halloween tale and delightful pictures combine for a book that's plenty spooky and tons of fun, too!


Book Excerpt

"Thank You,Thank You, tiny broom," she sighed.Suddenly, without a warning the broom zoomed forward bouncing Wilma off her perch, but her hand was still firmly attached to the handle. She was swinging from her broom like a monkey in a jungle.


About the Author

Jeanne Hayden

Cincinnati-born JEANNE HAYDEN is a teacher and writer. A graduate of Edgecliff College, Hayden has taught elementary school and operated her own tutoring business. Last Minute Wilma And Her Toad Soup is her first picture book. She lives in West Chester, Ohio, with her husband. Tom