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Kokoda – My Journey August 8th–18th 2010

Our lives are all masked by a journey, a path, a road we must travel. Where we go, who we go with, who we meet along the way, how we get there, when we go, and when we get there are all pieces that build our lives, that form our paths, and that create our own journeys. In these words I share a piece of my path with those I traveled and those I met along the way, and how I got there, when I went, when I got there, and then when I returned home. My journey was originally drafted as a personal journal of these events for myself, as a way of recording the entire experience by creating a documented piece of part of my own life’s path. I didn’t expect so much interest from others, and I didn’t expect this book to have so many words and so much depth, nor did I expect it to take so long. To relive the entire experience is a massive understatement indeed. It has, for the most part, been an absolute pleasure to put these words to paper for the interest and greater good of others. I’ve personally loved every moment and feel truly honored and blessed to have this wonderful memory piece. No one can ever provide the exact experience unless you actually take this journey yourself and see it through your own footsteps. However, unless these words have inspired you enough to take this journey yourself, I have tried to provide words and visuals to allow you to share in my experiences for yourself. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to experience this journey and now share with you these words to hopefully inspire you or to give you inspiration in whatever challenges you face or whatever dreams you have. A challenge is a bigger challenge when you look at it from afar. Up close, it never seems as big. A special thank you to each and every one of my K10 Team. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, sharing a unique bond unsurpassed by anything I’ve ever experienced in my life thus far. Pack your bags—we’re going to Kokoda!


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Jenni Franke

Mud? Sweat? Hiking? Tents? I'm a hair makeup nails sort of person, I like tidy, I like clean and I like toilets. Why would someone like me want to do the Kokoda Track? It just happened, I trained, I prepared, I researched and I did it. I surprised many, who raised their brows at the suggestion of me walking the Kokoda Track. I live a normal life, wife and mother of one, family dog called Bella, everyday house duties with work commitments. I surprised myself and I'm sure I surprised many around me. It just goes to show we never truly know what we are capable of until its put before us. I did it - I walked the Kokoda Track. Twice actually - after completing this book I went back and did it again!