Kissing Whales Healing Dolphins

AquaCranial Therapy and the Cetacea Bleu Babies

by Rebecca Goff


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AquaCranial Therapy - Healing and Swimming with Wild Dolphins and Whales!

Rebecca Goff, Internationally acclaimed creator of AquaCranial Therapy, leads the reader on an amazing journey of healing and transformation taught by wild dolphins and whales!

Experience for yourself some of the training challenges therapists endure to claim this cutting edge modality as their own. See Rebecca's gift for coaxing people out into the oceans of the world, recognizing the courage each brings to their own healing. Utilizing her unique abilities, Rebecca Goff is able to achieve truly phenomenal results. A collection of short stories that will leave you yearning to journey with Rebecca, whales and dolphins.


Book Excerpt

I originated AquaCranial Therapy, an extension of the Sutherland method of Craniosacral therapy, with the guidance and interaction of the cetaceans. An advanced modality, it is a mix of osteopathic-based Craniosacral manipulations, dolphin therapy movements, visionary emotional release work, meridian balancing, yogic stretches and extreme hydrotherapy, developed through years of cetacean research. AquaCranial decompresses the spine, cranium, bones and tissues. Balancing the Craniosacral system eliminates physical stress from the body, acquired since birth up until the present time. If you bend a garden hose in half while it is turned on, no water will flow until you release the bend in the hose. Same principal holds true. If you hold your phone with your neck and shoulder, lift your hip to carry baby, lift your shoulder to hold your purse, sleep on the plane in a weird position, fall off your bike or skis etc., you create small bends or restrictions in the hose-like membrane surrounding the Craniosacral fluid and it cannot flow. Just like the water and the bent garden hose.

The more you tune in to the dolphins, the more fun you can have with them. If you dive down and twirl around, there is a good chance that one or more will begin twirling as well. I have seen five spotted dolphins in the Bahamas surround Ty on all sides, each one less than a foot from his body. Every dolphin slowly swirls around and around; Ty turning exactly the same, the entire group, man and dolphins, a revolving carousel, slowly drifting down to the bottom of the ocean and then back towards the surface. Sun beams cutting through aqua water so clear it seems as if they are floating in space. If a dolphin wants to touch you, it will. If it wants you to touch it, a dolphin will slide up next to you, touching skin to skin. I love it. NEVER, ever, reach out to touch the dolphins. This is considered harassment, and can be considered aggressive by the dolphins, as they have no arms and it will most likely cause them to scatter quickly.


About the Author

Rebecca Goff

Certified Marine Mammal Naturalist and Pediatric Craniosacral expert Rebecca Goff, is the creator of AquaCranial Therapy.
Goff's amazing healing modality has been featured in major publications, seen on television worldwide and offered at select 5 Star Resorts. Rebecca lives in Hawaii and Tonga.



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