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Life challenges Catherine as Alzheimer’s disease steadily robs her of memory and her very being. Uncertain of how to remain true to herself, she passionately retrieves and relives the fullness of life in lucid moments. Imagination and reality are both her allies and severe contenders as two close friends aid her. All that she has known and experienced helps her hold her ground, so she and her son David are never far removed from the enticing atmosphere of their Deep South natural world. David expands the tale as he struggles to find meaning against a keen awareness that his work demeans him daily. Uncertain and unwilling to conform to life’s demands, he searches for ways to leave his predicament and still maintain his family life and sense of place in the world. In the 1990s with family and companions, he moves through Tuscaloosa County and the Black Belt of West Alabama to engage himself and others. Will he be able to build something new?


About the Author

George Wayland Taylor

Born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, George Taylor has lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with his wife since 1984. He is retired from teaching Spanish at the University of Alabama. Aside from extensive travel and time in the Spanish-speaking World and elsewhere, he relishes the life, culture and regional stories of Alabama.