Kill Robin Hood

The Surprising Truth About What it Really Takes to Get Rich!

by Janine Elias

Kill Robin Hood

Kill Robin Hood

The Surprising Truth About What it Really Takes to Get Rich!

by Janine Elias

Published Apr 30, 2014
144 Pages
Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Entrepreneurship


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Take the shame, desperation, and guilt out of your relationship with money.

Finally, a Blueprint to Close the Gap Between the Middle Class and the Wealthiest 1% of Americans.

For far too long we have romanticized the notion that struggling and suffering are somehow noble, and having the finer things in life comes at the cost of your character—but this view of money will hold you prisoner at various levels of poverty, creating gaps in your relationships and causing you to struggle in almost every area of your life.

This compelling, step-by-step guide will totally transform your relationship with money! No longer will you struggle to get by. No longer will you envy others who have what you want. No longer will you lie awake at night wondering how to make ends meet. We are in dire economic times, and dire times call for drastic measures.

In this provocative and revolutionary tale Janine Elias reveals the level of debt you carry or the level of riches you hold have nothing to do with the economy, your job, or your education and that being rich is actually an inside job. Clarity of purpose and determination are all that stand between you and all the money you want. Kill Robin Hood and it’s yours for the taking!


Book Excerpt

Chapter One: The Death of Robin Hood

As the fog rolls over the hills, it slowly glides through the trees. It’s so thick he can barely see the tip of his arrow as he pulls back his bow. He’s not worried about how true his aim is because he gauges his arrow by the sound of the hoofs as they beat against the stones on the path, pulling the coach through Sherwood Forest.

He and his band of merry men have been lying in wait for hours. As the sun slowly begins to peek through the leaves, they can finally hear them coming. The shipment of misappropriated taxes headed to the sheriff is about to be detoured back to its rightful owners as Robin Hood and his band of merry men right the horrible injustice of the rich procuring more than their fair share, taking from the people who have little or nothing to give to fill their already fat bellies and even fatter purses!

Robin Hood and his band of merry men roam Sherwood Forest reclaiming for the people what is rightfully theirs! They protect and serve the underdog by slighting the ill-reputed “rich” and intercepting their ill-received wealth, redistributing it where Robin Hood and his merry men see fit. He is a beloved hero. A man among men! The righter of wrongs! The voice of the oppressed! Justice for the underserved! A noble and loyal protector of the crown and an all-around good guy!

How can you not love Robin Hood? Since you were a child, you have heard stories and seen movies, with the latest Hollywood heartthrob playing the “hero,” Robin Hood, with his funny and equally attractive band of merry men who possess mad skills of combat, swordsmanship, archery, and acrobatics—not to mention they always get the girl. And then there is Maid Marian, also portrayed by Hollywood’s latest female heartthrob, who is independent, resourceful, witty, and rebellious of the traditional role women play. And she not only gets the guy, but she gets “the” guy: She gets Robin Hood. What woman wouldn’t want to be her? By the way, she also has mad skills of swordsmanship, archery, and hitting people over the head!

Did I forget Friar Tuck? The kindhearted, personable, rebellious monk who makes his own liquor with honey and feels more of an affinity with the people than the leaders of the Church. Friar Tuck steps up and aids and abets Robin Hood and his band of merry men as they right the social injustice of the haves having too much and the have not’s not having enough!

Let’s break this down. Does the 1% ring a bell? We are currently in a downed economy, and we have people marching in the streets, not only in America but all around the world, claiming the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The rich aren’t paying their fair share of taxes. The rich are taking advantage of the poor, the rich are taking more than their fair share, and the rich need to be punished for their ill deeds! The rich are doing legal but unethical things to take advantage of the underprivileged because they are soulless wretches! Does this about sum it up? Do the two stories sound familiar? Do you agree with this worldview? Yes, it is a worldview! It is also a distorted worldview, and I’m going take you on an adventure of self-discovery that demonstrates how the Robin Hood fable is making and keeping you POOR! As long as you tout this philosophy, you will NEVER have within your possession any substantial amount of wealth. The only way to save yourself and your family from poverty and hardship is to KILL ROBIN HOOD!

Here’s what you are probably thinking: “Kill Robin Hood? Are you daft? What does a childhood fable have to do with my personal wealth? What on earth are you talking about?” To answer your questions, I am not daft, and this childhood fable has everything to do with your wealth. Fables are stories that are told to us as children to show us or teach us how to be “good human beings, positive role models, and positive, contributing members of society.” Fables and fairy tales give us a guide of how to be in the world. As children, after being read these stories time and time again and then seeing them on the big screen, we internalize the traits of the leading characters, and that is the purpose of these tales.

Fairy tales and fables were created as a way for adults to teach the young how to conform to social norms, how to view the world in socially acceptable ways, and how to behave as adults by being and doing “good.” These stories get us to identify with the heroes and heroines and make us want to be them, so we incorporate their fundamental character traits or behaviors as our own. No, you don’t actually steal from the rich and give to the poor, but this internal belief system will have an effect on the types of politicians you vote for, the laws you support, the career you choose, and even the romantic partner you choose. This is some seriously powerful stuff!


About the Author

Janine Elias

Janine Elias is a relationship expert specializing in the development of relationship based business practices.

Janine works closely with small-businesses in developing social infrastructure and company culture, creating training programs for leadership development, motivational management, and the how-to's of creating a thriving sales force. She is the CEO and founder of the Elias Relationship Academy and the President of the Balance Club which provides training and support on how to master relationship based business practices while positioning your business and your life to develop financial independence.

Janine Elias holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, has taught psychology on the college level for over 13 years, and provides regular online trainings, annual retreats, coaching, and is available for live speaking engagements.

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