Kenny's Summer

by Edward Going


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African-Americans have contributed greatly to our present society. From the first sailing of Columbus to the New World, to the Lewis and Clark expedition, to the settling of the West, to the evolution of modern sports and to the invention of modern conveniences we take for granted in our everyday lives, African Americans have been an integral part of the history of the United States. Because many of these great Americans were not gifted orators like Martin Luther King or incredible athletes like Muhammad Ali or Jackie Robinson, they have faded away from our history lessons and history books. In writing Kenny's Summer, I hope to bring some of these lesser-known African-Americans from history to life. I hope that young and old alike can find inspiration in what these people had to endure and in what they were able to accomplish and contribute to our society. I also hope readers, especially young readers, will discover a valuable, and, until now, neglected part of our great history.


About the Author

Edward Going

Edward Going was born and raised in New York City. He now resides with his wife and occasionally his children, in Southern California.