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When Life Begins with Broken Bonds, Bonds are Made to Be Broken

"I was lucky enough to reclaim part of my past when I searched for and found my birth mother, Annie Parker, four years ago. Although I prepared myself the best I could for the long-awaited reunion, it was actually upsetting and uncomfortable for me in ways I didn't anticipate. Annie Parker didn't slam any doors in my face, but she was tough, cold, and blatantly disdainful of my education and my upbringing… The reality of my birth had shattered the fairy tale of possibilities I'd spent a lifetime creating."

Faye works in New York’s fashionable and cutthroat cooking-show industry, where the people are as disposable as overripe fruit. She is sharp, hip, and wisely discreet. Although scarred by the tragic deaths of her adoptive parents and her fiance—who was killed in the 9/11 attacks—she keeps her private life and its heartbreaks to herself.

When Faye’s therapist suggests that she locate her birth mother, the long-awaited reunion does not go as planned. Annie Parker is a shady alcoholic who will do anything to try to cut her newfound daughter down to size. The wise course of action would be for Faye to walk away and forget the past. But will she be able to turn her back on her mother’s final, harrowing call for help?


Book Excerpt

There is a strong wind blowing down lower Broadway. The kind of wind that carries sweet, burning scents aloft across time. The kind that carries memories of sunnier suns down much simpler village streets, when everything was bill-boarded black and white with folk dreams and fresh desires. The kind of wind that would have awakened Vanessa's long-haired smile when she was still expecting to fly.


About the Author

Kari Caulfield

Kari Caulfield was born in Greenwich Village, New York, and now lives on Long Island. She is a practicing attorney and a member of several Manhattan writers’ groups. She has borrowed heavily from her own incredibly outrageous life to pen this hauntingly beautiful yet shocking first novel. Visit her on the Web at