Kaleidoscope of Life

by Priscilla A. Williams


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Life Stories are Black and White, but the Remembrance is Colorful

The word “Kaleidoscope” derives from the Greek word (kalos), which means beautiful. As a child I loved kaleidoscopes. Each time you turn the tube, the beads of glass would form different shapes and patterns, one more beautiful than the last. Writing this book reflects these shapes and patterns. Ms. Ellie who reaches out to help a young widow, not knowing the depth of pain this family faces… Ms. Ellie must face even her own dark secret….. Harold Winslow’s car crashes the same day his mom and sister die, but then there is the remarkable witness… Mildred Stark is a lonely widow with a son she never sees. Her life is interrupted by two strangers and a baby bringing forth the feelings she had long buried… When a man’s wife whom you killed keeps visiting you, how do you take this second chance when crime is all you’ve known…? Remy’s man won her in a card game. What happens when you get sick of being abused, where do you run to…? Each story has its own twist and turn. As you read let the words take you into this Kaleidoscope of Life.


Book Excerpt

She walked painfully slow, carrying her heavy bags. Lord just a few more steps and I will be in the house safe and sound. As she walked, she heard footsteps running up behind her. Lord, please don’t them run into me. I just can’t move out the way. My feet hurt, need to sit down! As she slowed, the young boy ran passed her. My Lord, what a bundle of energy that little fella has. She reached her house, pulled out the key, and went inside. Thank you, Jesus. for safe traveling mercy. I couldn’t have done it without you. She put the bags on the table, took off her coat, washed her hands, and began to prepare her dinner. Ellie was sixty-four years old, with dark skin, beautiful hair, and dark eyes. She didn’t look a day over fifty. Whenever anyone mentioned how good she looked, she said, “To God be the glory of it all.” Ellie was a widow; she lost her beloved Al in 2001, a day that she would never forget. When you asked her how she made it this far, her reply would be, “Jesus. He helped me through that hurtful time in my life.” Yes, Ellie missed Al. She had her good days and then she had some very bad days. Today was one of those days that she missed him. She decided to cook some chicken. “Girl, you are going to fly away from here,” is what Al always told her whenever she cooked chicken. “My soul does long to be with Him, but until he comes for me, I will stay right here and continue to bless His Holy and Righteous name and fry my chicken just the same,” Ellie said and they would laugh, but it was Al who flew away and is now at rest with the Lord.


About the Author

Priscilla A. Williams

Priscilla resides in Grand Prairie Texas. She received her Ministerial License from the Potter House, Dallas Texas. Married to Robert, she has two sons, James and Terrance, one step-daughter Natasha, and is the proud grandmother, of three beautiful granddaughters, Bryanna, Jasmine, and Semaj, and one grandson Ethan. Priscilla is a member of First Euless Baptist Church, of Euless Texas. John Meador is the Senior Pastor