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God is Love

Like the best possible parental guardianship, God’s love allows us to freely respond with a love we can reciprocate and demonstrate to others. It allows us to live in a place of comfort and peace, with the knowledge, experience, and covering of the ultimate love. God’s love is free—a gift—independent of anything that we’ve done. Just Tell Them that I Love Them is not intended to address our love for God, although that is a natural response to knowing that He loves us.

This eloquent collection of divine messages and biblical reflections is meant to remind you of God’s love and how different it is from human love. If you doubt that God loves you, this book will comfort and assure you that He does. And if you’ve never believed that God loves you, perhaps this book will help you accept this simple, yet powerful truth.

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Millie Stephens

Millie Stephens is a freelance Christian writer, having attended the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is an Emeritus leader and Christian educator at the Salem Baptist Church of Roslyn (formerly Salem Baptist Church of Jenkintown). Millie has been married to her husband, Carl, for over 40 years. They have a daughter, Treasure, who is just that…a Treasure.