Just One Voice

A book on Vocal Sustainability & Injury Prevention

by Kate J. Doucet


Book Details

Mucus? Dry throat? Tired cords? Let's fix that!

Ever been completely overwhelmed with vocal information and find it difficult to separate myth from fact? Stop the guessing game and let this easy to read guide by Kate J. Doucet path the way to successfully sustaining your voice and prevent injury. Through her personal experiences as a professional singer, the highs and the lows of her own vocal health and information supported by medical and vocal experts you can refer to this book time and time again, whether or not you are a vocalist experiencing issues. While covering some of the most fundamental singer tips and tricks, the book also covers a range of unspoken factors which influence the health of your voice, including the alkaline diet for singers, medication insight and performance dos and don’ts.


About the Author

Kate J. Doucet

Kate J. Doucet has been a professional performer for the past 10 years working in theatre shows and cover bands. After achieving teaching qualifications in ISTD dance, she landed a career as a singer where her journey began. Kate held many positions within entertainment both as a singer and dancer, where she developed a wide knowledge of the requirements both within the expectations of the job and the demands it has on the voice. Health and fitness became more relevant as her career progressed, leading her to study the vocal benefits from living a well-balanced lifestyle. Her desire to share her experience inspired Kate to write and she hopes it will help others who love to sing stay healthy.