God Heard My Cry

by Judy Abel Luton


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I love my best friend because he first loved me. How do I know this? He waits on me each morning to spend time with Him. He stays close by my side all day long. He guides my every step. He sets an example for me to live by. He restores my faith in Him and others.. He shows me that I don't ever need to fear tomorrow because He is with me today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Tragedies are bound to happen in life. Every day someone has to overcome an obstacle. Choices have to be made, and what becomes of a person is based on how they react to the situation. Let me tell you about the moments that changed my life, and how He supported me and helped me to overcome heartache.


About the Author

Judy Abel Luton

Judy Abel Luton was born in Enid, Oklahoma but spent most of her childhood in Oklahoma City where she met her first husband, Bob Abel. Judy and Bob had two children, Tamara and Craig. She has held many different career positions from secretarial to sales to managerial. Judy gave her heart to Jesus at the age of 12 and that has been the cornerstone of her life since then. She now lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her husband, John Luton. They enjoy serving in their church, traveling, and loving on their dog, Jay-Jay.