Journeys of Discovery

by Lawrence J. Marcus


Book Details

In Discovering the World, Discover Yourself

2019 CIPA EVVY AWARD - Merit Award Academic/Educational Non-Fiction

When Lawrence Marcus discovered New York, he knew that his travels had just begun. After a confining early life in which he longed to push past boundaries both geographic and psychological, the diversity and energy of NYC gave him a taste of what was possible. After college and graduate studies, Marcus created programs to enrich international education, and the travels he undertook to introduce, implement, and oversee his student teaching model are the basis for this book of travel vignettes, each a jewel of insight and inspiration. From Mallorca to Switzerland, from Africa to the Pueblo Nation, from England to Italy—you will see countries and cities through a kaleidoscopic lens of multicultural perspectives, social justice, and delight at the many wonders of the world. The final vignette delves deeply into the ways in which travel enlightens and changes us, and what it means to stand with humility and an open heart in front of humanity’s achievements of civilization and art. Journeys of Discovery will remind you that the greatest gift of travel is the inward journey that unfolds as you reach beyond what you know.


About the Author

Lawrence J. Marcus

Lawrence J. Marcus pioneered an international student teaching program that has taken him to multiple global sites. His professional credits include Professor Emeritus, Dean of Education, Associate Dean of Education, Department Chairperson, Coordinator of Elementary Education, and Coordinator of International Student Teaching