Joseph: Prophecy Fulfilled

by Maureen Chaffin


Book Details

Foretold since the time of Enoch is a prophet of the last days named Joseph, who would restore prophecy, priesthood, temples; and bring forth a New Torah – the Stick of Joseph. This is the incredible true story of that Joseph, born in 1805, who grew to manhood in the untamed wilderness of the American frontier. At the age of 14 his life was indelibly altered when he received a vision; wherein the Lord called Joseph to do a marvelous work and a wonder, re-establish the Kingdom of God, and prepare the way for the Coming of the Messiah. The Adversary, enraged at this threat to his reign and realm, rose up in his wrath and viciously sought to destroy Joseph. Thus, began Joseph’s extraordinary efforts to accomplish the Lord’s commands, while desperately struggling to elude the murderous hands of his nefarious foes. And in so doing, Joseph unknowingly fulfilled ancient Hebrew prophecy.


Book Excerpt

I am Joseph, and this is my history. It is a tale of woe, fraught with peril, trials, and affliction; entwined with heavenly visions, sacrifice and love. It is an account of my life, which no man knows, written to put seekers of truth in possession of the facts. It is a story I too wouldst doubt, save that I lived it. Yet now, mine enemies are conspiring to murder me and my days art numbered; I must, therefore, hasten the narrative.


About the Author

Maureen Chaffin

One of Maureen’s favorite reads as a teenager was the dictionary – especially the Bible dictionary. She married a Colorado cowboy, and though that lifestyle required demanding work she continued to read everything from Josephus to the Tanakh. After her four children were grown Maureen retired from teaching music and art lessons and returned to college. While attending Colorado Christian University she realized that to have her questions answered she needed to go to the source. Because the Jews wrote the Bible and gifted it to the world, and too Jesus was a Jew, Maureen attended Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago. It was there she learned new truths, from which came her book "Joseph: Prophecy Fulfilled". This book matches biblical prophecies and ancient Jewish foretellings of the promised latter-day Ephraimite prophet named Joseph, to Joseph Smith, Jun., born in 1805, who grew to manhood on the American Frontier. ------ ------ Maureen is a dynamic speaker and enjoys giving public presentations. She can be contacted at: -------