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The Heart knows no boundaries—not even time.

The Heart Trilogy is that romance you have always waited for. One that goes far beyond the lust and longing of the glamorous and muscular. These well-developed characters are as familiar as your neighbors. The gifted author reveals them as having inner conflicts while at the same time reaching out for romantic relationships. The story-line provides insights especially unique because the writer is male. He describes the tension between societal expectations for each and that person’s true needs. Jonathan Adams sheds light on personal motivation, good or bad, and the ultimate, often unexpected, consequences. You will be revisiting the inner struggles of the characters as the scenes unfold long after finishing the book and starting to recommend it to all your friends. —M.D., College English Teacher Every pure romance runs the gamut of emotions, from moments of sweetness and light to intense pathos. Jonathan Adams captures the full spectrum beautifully and with sensitivity. It is a choice reading by a choice new author. You will find yourself rooting for Kari and Kyle, the two main characters, to fulfill their love for each other among the myriad impossibilities posed by the intervention of other well-written characters. People bandy about the term ‘soul mates.’ The Heart Trilogy is the portal through which many readers will begin to understand the truth beneath that intense feeling of connection between two souls. You’re going to love these books! —L. S., Legal Secretary I just finished reading The Heart Trilogy and was disappointed—to reach the end! Jonathan Adams writing is very descriptive, which makes it easy to place oneself in the middle of the story. At first, I thought it was just another love story, but the otherworldly quality makes it different from most novels, which are typically redundant and predictable. These books are definitely not either! The author may well ruffle some feathers with his treatment of some of the religious aspects. Even hinting that a part of the Trinity could be female will be difficult for some people to deal with, but I believe God has both male and female characteristics. I can scarcely wait to discover where the ending of this book leads us in the series of Heart novels to follow. —L. A., Pre-Reader


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Jonathan Adams

About the Author: Jonathan Adams spent twenty years in business, then, twenty years in the ministry. This book began after eight months on Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands. Black Isle is an intensely spiritual place the Celts recognize as a “thin place,” a place where the veil between this world and the spiritual world which surrounds it is so thin, one can hear “wee voices” and see across time. The Heart Trilogy is the first three of an eight-book series which ultimately casts light on the true meaning of one’s “soul mate.”