John and the "Old Lady"

by May Trapalis


Book Details

This is the true story about a young man and a wild horse. No one could have foretold the bond and love that would develop between them as they worked through each, sometimes dangerous step of gaining trust in each other and the tragic end that would befall them.


About the Author

May Trapalis

The author’s love of horses started as a young child. She couldn’t wait for the day when she would be able to ride a real horse. She joined the “Bit and Spur” saddle club in high school in Chicago and spent every moment she could around horses. She learned to ride and jump. The Chicago Avenue Armory hosted indoor polo in the winter where she started exercising the horses on Saturdays. When the local players moved outdoors at the Oka Brook Polo Club, she spent the summer weekends exercising polo ponies and helping at the polo field during the games.