The Sugar Chronicles

Obscurity & Insanity on Top of a Mountain

by JC Thompson


Book Details

A Riotous Coming-of-Age Story in the Gonzo Tradition

After a decade away, Abbott returns to where it all started: a resort town in North Carolina near where he went to college. But education can take you only so far, and now it’s time for him to wrestle with finding himself and his self-worth, while dealing with crazy neighbors, evil co-workers, and all the hilarity that ensues while working at a fancy mountain resort. An exuberant, raucous celebration of accidental drug use, wild adventure, and firing your boss, The Sugar Chronicles is your next great read.


About the Author

JC Thompson

JC Thompson isn’t worth talking about. After almost six years in college fighting “the man” for trying to force him to graduate and move on, he went to California for a while and then came back to North Carolina. He’s a real estate investor, amateur author, former on-air DJ, and doesn’t expect anyone to actually read this book.