Ivy League Wealth Secrets

That the Master Planners don't want you to know!

by Keith R. Soltis


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Build and Protect your Wealth by Creating an Environment for your Money.

We live in one of the most educated countries in the world, yet we are largely financially illiterate as a group. Few of us even balance our checkbooks or adhere to a monthly budget. Our top colleges and schools offer few courses on basic financial life skills.

What Types of health, auto and life insurance should we select?

What is the right way to finance my home?

Which debts should I pay off first?

How should I finance my car purchases?

Not everyone gets into an Ivy League School...but anyone can benefit from an Ivy League Education.

Stop guessing and make confident money decisions. Imagine a life where money doesn't cause you any worry, confusion or anxiety.

Imagine a world where we all understand the science of money. A life where there is no fear surrounding money and personal finance.

Imagine a life where you are in control of your money...and your money is not in control of you!

It begins with creating an environment for your wealth to grow. This book offers you a glimpse behind the curtain, at the secret science of money.

The Rich Keep Getting Richer Now You Can Too! ...Learn How.

Tired of market ups and downs? You'll need to learn how to create an environment for your money, to build your wealth in any financial market cycle.

Learn how to avoid many common financial pitfalls.

Dispel financial myths and rules of thumb once and for all.

Learn the Secrets of the Wealthy from an Ivy League insider.

Grow and Protect Your Wealth using a few basic rules.

Eliminate Money Transfers to others and learn how to recover many of your tax, insurance and investment costs.

Learn how to get others to help fund your Retirement & Minimize your exposure to unnecessary taxes.

Learn how to get some of your insurance premiums back... with interest!

This book can pay for itself many times over.

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About the Author

Keith R. Soltis

Keith has been studying, practicing and teaching personal finance and economic lessons for over 15 years.

He has worked with corporations, business owners, corporate executives, accountants, attorneys, professional athletes, entertainers, labor unions, municipalities and non-profi t organizations to develop and coordinate their fi nancial strategies.

By using the information in this book, you will put yourself in a position to better utilize, build and protect your wealth in a more effi cient and coordinated fashion.

Virtually anyone can benefit from utilizing the strategies contained in this book. It takes the investment of time and a desire to gain knowledge about the secret science of money. From there, applying these lessons practically in your everyday life will help you take back control of your personal finances.

Coordinating and integrating your personal finances is the key to controlling an environment for your wealth to flourish.

Using this approach can help you secure a more confi dent financial future for yourself, and create more opportunities for your future family legacy.

Keith is the President of the Integrated Wealth Network. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

He resides in New Jersey with his wife Barbara and their son Christian.

He is a frequent public speaker on matters of personal fi nance. Keith can be reached for speaking engagements or training seminars at: IvyWealthSecrets@gmail.com

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