It's Not Weird Anymore

An entertaining educational adventurous self-help resource guide to spiritual and health wisdom, conspiracy, sacred sex and a love relationship.

by Laura Legere

It's Not Weird Anymore

It's Not Weird Anymore

An entertaining educational adventurous self-help resource guide to spiritual and health wisdom, conspiracy, sacred sex and a love relationship.

by Laura Legere

Published Jun 23, 2010
235 Pages
Genre: SELF-HELP / Spiritual


Book Details

After flying over the handlebars of her scooter and smashing her face into a coral rock, Laura thought, "I am going to stay alive for my 3 week old relationship." Peter arrived just after the Mexican surgeons placed 7 steel plates and 34 screws in her face. The new lovers found that they had unfinished spiritual work to do in Mexico and the accident turned out to be a planned event that took them on an unpredictable wild adventure. Amazon #1 Best Seller and winner of the 2011 Readers Favorite Award.

It`s Not Weird Anymore is a glorious adventure of the heart for anyone seeking Love and Freedom from the mundane. You may find yourself, amazed, refreshed, blown open, and ridiculously undone! Read this courageous and candid book to open up Mystical possibilities in your own life.
—Satyen Raja
Founder WarriorSage Trainings
Author of Living Ecstasy

Laura’s ability to share the challenges and joys of her divinely guided life is an inspiration. She is a true healer with the gift of sharing the many resources available to support the spiritual journey of humanity.
—Cynthia Chomos
Feng Shui Consultant, Color Designer, Speaker, Teacher
Founder of Feng Shui School for Real Estate

Laura has a zest for life that is truly unique. She is a vision carrier, a loyal friend and constant support for all her friends and associates. She has Goddess given alchemical properties to transform the mudane everyday world into pure magical adventure, the way life is meant to be lived and danced.
World Renowned Professional Belly Dancer and Teacher
Creator, Owner and Operator of Visionary Dance Productions

Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique and transformational. Laura speaks about the nature of spiritual awakening and how major players appear at just the right moment. I am honored to be the intuitive health component of Laura’s healing journey.
—Caroline Sutherland
Medical Intuitive
Author of The Body Knows books and DVD series


Book Excerpt

Peter entered the room, came over to my bedside, and was so happy he was finally with me. He looked at my bloody face and head and checked me out a little. He saw blood in my ear and thought I was bleeding from my ear at first. As it turns out the face bleeds a lot and especially with broken bones, so it was hard for the hospital staff to keep me cleaned up enough. I was also hooked up to a catheter and IVs. He leaned down to hug me and I said,

“I am sorry I look so bad for you.”

He looked into my eyes with tears in his and said,

“You are like a diamond to me.”

I will never forget his words or the expression on his face. It felt as if he was looking right through me and into the core of my very being. What an entrance!

After the excitement and tension calmed down a bit I began to relay what my guides revealed to me after surgery and what we must do after we got out of the hospital. He said okay, as if he did not want to think about that right now, nor question me in my condition.

Soon the nurse came in to help me bathe. She asked if I could stand up and take a shower, as I had been able to do before the surgery. I attempted to get up, but felt weak and dizzy and said I needed a bath in bed. She and Peter gave me a scrub and washed my hair while Peter nibbled on my toes when the nurse wasn’t looking and gave me that mischievous big grin of his. I was in the worst condition I have ever experienced and had been blessed with a beautiful, handsome man to take care of me. This was a very unusual experience as I mentioned earlier; I am unfamiliar with being cared for in this capacity and more accustomed to doing everything for others and myself.

The nurse was about to exit, but not before she took the catheter out, thank Goddess! Now we could have some alone time. Peter began to touch my body and complimented me on how intact the rest of me appeared. I had a few large gashes on my right forearm that seemed to be healing quickly with the essential oil applications of lavender and a blend called purification. I had a few big bruises as well, but that was it. He gently began to arouse me as it reminded us of all the lovemaking we did before I left on this trip. It felt good to feel him so close again. He talked to my mom and let her know that the rest of me worked just fine. She got a kick out of that and was comforted to know that I was very much alive.


About the Author

Laura Legere

Laura Legere grew up in Virginia, left home at 18 and moved straight to the west coast and settled there for 42 years. She explored several interesting occupations, commercial fishing in Alaska, a deckhand on a cruise ship as well as tugboats. She traveled by sailboat from Hawaii to Samoa and then back to Alaska before becoming a high voltage cable-splicer for the power company. She is back in Virginia taking care of her mother and hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains. She is finding that the unusual rock formations in the Blue Ridge Mountains are not natural formations, but ancient megaliths and pyramids left before the native people were on the scene. Laura has lead an adventurous life as you will read in her extraordinary true tale. and
Currently Laura's focus of service and purpose is assisting people with healthy living, personal growth and spiritual exploration through her private practice as a massage therapist and teacher of natural healing in essential oils. Laura does Remote Pattern Clearing that helps clear your physical, mental, emotional, etheric and soul bodies. Details on her website below. She has always been a gifted networker as well as a great storyteller and loves to point people in a purposeful positive direction.



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