It’s About People

by Roger Campbell


Book Details

It’s About People is a must read book full of practical/time tested examples of good leadership basics. Author Roger Campbell has condensed over 50 years of experience as a coach, athletic director, teacher/mentor, Business person and national sales manager into an easy to read Leadership manual. The book is full of real life examples of how successful leaders can develop cultures that connect its employees to its corporate business strategy. Roger has long been a strong advocate of the value of people and believes that good people will positively respond to good leadership. Each chapter deals with fundamental but yet critical leadership lessons and contains a page of developmental exercises to help the reader and their staff put the lessons learned into action. The chapters are full of compelling examples, that if put into action will foster a productive, loyal and engaged work team. The book makes the case that while competitors may be able to replicate processes, methods, technology, equipment, etc. competitive advantage is gained when great managers know how to effectively connect their people to their company business strategy. It is a simple concept but not necessarily easy to achieve. This book will serve as a good guide to help leaders on their journey.


About the Author

Roger Campbell

. Teacher, coach, trainer, manager, leader, mentor – no matter what role or position he has held, Roger has always believed in the value of PEOPLE. He believes Good People expect, deserve and respond to Good Leaders.