I Remember

by Antoinette Lawrence & Terry Lewis


Book Details

Just take a moment and think back!

Do you remember the first day you started kindergarten or the first time you lost a tooth? What about the first time you visited the dentist or had an adventurous time with a babysitter? “I Remember” is a book about a little girl who thinks back to her childhood from stories that were told to her by her mother, grandmother, and pictures that she’s kept over the years. One thing she does remember is putting gum in her brother’s hair while he was sleeping. Will he wake up and catch her in the act, or will she never get caught? Well, see for yourself!


About the Author

Antoinette Lawrence & Terry Lewis

Antoinette Lawrence is from Norfolk, Virginia. She is an Elementary School Special Education Teacher who currently resides in Maryland. In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading, spending time with her family, and being actively involved in the community. “I Remember” is her first children’s book. Terry Lewis is a dedicated Community and Health Care Advocate who works and resides in New York. In his spare time he enjoys reading, traveling, watching sports, movies, spending time with his family, and being actively involved in community development. "I Remember" is his first children's book.

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