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I WAS THAT KID….who they thought would never amount to anything

The subtlety of life's joys, loves and sorrows are captured in Intricate Illusions, the debut poetry collection from Kyle Banta. Using both plain and imaginative speech, readers are encouraged to look inward to discover their own vulnerability, spiritual natural and childlike wonder. Touching on subjects like first love, lost love, individuality and the passing of time, each poem captures the fleeting moments we all experience and which stick with us, shaping us into the people we become. This book of poetry represents my first published work.


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Kyle Banta

Following in the entrepreneurial footsteps of my parents, I decided to start my own business. I brought my concierge services to Naples, Florida, from Delaware County, Pennsylvania, after one too many grueling winters. Please feel free to reach out. (Kyle’s Concierge Service/