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Judge Deborah Miller departs Manhattan for Israel, intent upon fulfilling God’s mission—to aid exploited women in a northern refugee camp. Deborah exhorts her guide, the equally strong-willed Lieutenant Barak Cohen, to vanquish the evil, rogue Israeli officer Sisera. “Based on the Bible story of Deborah and Barak, this passionate, action-packed romance exposes the injustices still inflicted upon women in the Middle East. Celebrate the miraculous victories stemming from mystical dreams and confirming the infinite power of faith and righteousness.” Laurie Rosin, The Book Editor


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I feel my story is current for the market today because it takes place in that part of the world where conflicts are ongoing, and continue to make front page news. My hope is that readers will recognize that this is a book of faith based on issues that are prevalent today still holding to its prevalent history. In November 2013, INTO THE HAND OF A WOMAN won a silver metal, second place award in the category of romance by Readers' Favorite Annual International Award Contest. Carla Ohse


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Carla C. Ohse

Carla Ohse lives with her husband, Robert in the villages of Custer and Fountain in Western Michigan. Carla graduated from Michigan State University in 1963 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and taught elementary school in the Lansing area and after marriage taught at Mason County Eastern School in Custer, Michigan. When children, Ryan, Margaretha and George came along, Carla chose to be full-time mom. The couple has farmed in Mason County for over forty-seven years, and as of this writing, Robert is still farming. This is Carla Ohse’s third novel. Her novels are women based with subject matter that invites both genders of all ages to read. Previous novels written by Carla C. Ohse 1 Noonday Flower (2003) 2 She Bear Bride (2006) Purchase books through Amazon and Barnes & Noble online Or through author at 218 N. Schoenherr Rd. Custer, MI 49405 Phone: 231-757-4502 Or 231-462-3556