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As Georgia watched her husband sleeping next to her on their flight out of the Midwest, she prayed that her decision to return to Bill was the right one. WW II, with its escalating demands on all military personnel, had made it very difficult for this couple to get a good start with their marriage. The other thing that stood between them was Ralph, Georgia’s deceased fiancée, the love of her life and Bill’s brother. The author of IN THE NAME OF LOVE, KD Grummell, is the oldest daughter of Georgia and Bill, the main characters of her book. See their story through her eyes. Her memories are still vivid to her after all these years. She says, "Not only are my memories strong, but I found, when writing this book, that I have the maturity, at this point in my life, to understand so much more of what was going on. I doubt that I could have written this book 20 years ago with the sensitivity that I possess today." She addresses the many challenges her parents experience in trying to make their relationship work and in establishing their family life. You will not only cry with them but rejoice with them when they set aside their young dreams and replace them with a more mature agenda--providing the nurturing and love their three children, Kathie, Bill and Karen require if they each are to find a better life as adults.


About the Author

K.D. Grummell

Karen has loved writing throughout her life. The last few years she has finally had the time to pursue her writing professionally and what resulted is IN THE NAME OF LOVE, her first published, non-fiction book. She has written two other books which she is excited about publishing in the near future. She graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. degree and also from Indiana University with a and has been teaching and coaching most of her adult life. She also has run her glass design business for the last 30 years; residential, business and church design. Karen says, "God blessed my siblings and me with parents who loved us and were totally devoted to us, helping us find the goodness that was within each of us. I wrote this book out of love and respect for my father and mother and out of a final acceptance and understanding."



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