In The Blink of An Eye

The Reed and Rob Nixon Story

by Sheryl Brown Nixon


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On April 4, 1995, four of Sheryl Nixon’s six children were involved in a terrible accident. Two of her sons were seriously injured, hospitalized for weeks, and then placed in a rehabilitation facility for five months. While trying to be a mother to two disabled sons in the hospital and rehab, Sheryl also had two traumatized children at home. With the support of her husband, family, community, and friends, Sheryl began learning how to cope with extremely difficult circumstances through her faith in God, taking one day at a time and sometimes only one minute at a time. When her sons returned home, still needing constant care, she had to deal with many of life’s uncertainties. She felt blessed that her sons had survived the accident, but could she keep them both alive at home with no medical experience herself? Step into Sheryl’s world as she experiences the trials and the triumphs, the setbacks and progress, the difficult yet rewarding journey of helping her family unite and return to some sort of normalcy. In the Blink of an Eye is an extraordinary tale of love, courage, and faith.


About the Author

Sheryl Brown Nixon

Sheryl Brown Nixon is a professional singer/songwriter who toured with the USO, singing to the servicemen and women in Vietnam and Europe. Until the accident in 1995 that injured two of her sons, she was self-employed, providing advertising media through her voice. She was also a vocal instructor for many years. As a mother of six children and grandmother of sixteen, Sheryl has always been active in community and church service. She currently lives with her husband, Mark, in Northborough, Massachusetts.