Integrity Based Policing

Policing the Streets of Las Vegas

by Dan Barry


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Ethical Police Leadership

Experience firsthand policing in America’s Playground. This book contains stories that are based on my thirty-year career with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Despite all my “peaks and valleys,” I never lost my love of policing, or passion for the people I served. While many of my experiences are amusing, they also are enlightening for people considering a career in law enforcement. My most important lesson learned is that decisions must be based on ethical soundness, as opposed to other motivations.

The challenges facing American police officers have never been greater. Besides the dangers from criminals, they also need to navigate through administrations that are often more concerned about tomorrow’s headline, than providing true leadership. As opposed to considering ethical soundness, agencies are often most concerned with only the politically popular path.

My prayer is for police agencies to work in partnership with the citizens they serve in making our neighborhoods a safer place. For this to be achieved “Integrity-Based Policing” must become the new standard for all agencies to adopt.


About the Author

Dan Barry

Dan Barry—retired as a captain from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department after 30 years of service. During his career he served in a variety of assignments as an officer ranging from patrol to undercover high school narcotic detective. After promotions he commanded numerous bureaus including Patrol, Organized Crime, Criminal Intelligence and SWAT. He is currently the Program Chair for the College of Social Sciences & Behavioral Health—Criminal Justice & Security, University of Phoenix. Dan has been married to his beautiful wife, Allison, for 39 years, Dan and Allison have four grown children, nine grandchildren and an Irish Terrier (Brigid).