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One Woman’s Journey to Honor the Love So Many Feared…

Who would want to read In Small Measures? A better question is - who wouldn't?

The story takes you on the journey of rebellious Kristen Todd Harrison --who seemingly had it all. As the 21-year-old heiress to the largest fortune in Australia, her charmed life was already mapped out: succeed her mother as the leader of the social set and doyen of every charity in town.

Like many other young people in love (or lust) may do, Kristen puts all of that on the line for a 12-day love affair with an African American marine on leave from Vietnam. From there, her WHOLE life changed.

Following the death of her newest love interest and the birth of their mixed-race daughter, Kristen encounters a hail of prejudice and rejection—including from her own family. Now, her refusal to give up her baby and renounce her love leads her on a path of destruction that threatens her very survival.

After dealing with a disastrous and abusive marriage, Kristen must reckon with her former husband’s hidden criminal background—and a shadowy world that won’t leave her alone—all while battling extreme racism along the way.

Further circumstances prevail and horror, devastation and guilt force her once again to flee in order to protect her daughter. This time, she might not be so lucky…

A sprawling, intricately drawn novel, In Small Measures mixes romance, mystery, and revealing social history for an unforgettable read. This important novel is about honoring love and fighting for what’s right, even when everyone says you’re wrong.

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About the Author

Lynne Burke

Lynne Burke, like many other authors, enjoyed a rather typical life before publishing her latest book, In Small Measures - that is if you consider typical being a wife, mother of two, running a children's boutique, coffee lounge, and a tavern (to name a few).

The Early Years
She discovered her passion for the written word at an early age. Many days, she would hide herself to read and write (and of course avoid household chores). She continued to hone her skill by writing letters back and forth with the 17 penpals she accumulated by the age of 12. She was also able to form a relationship with Willard Motley (author of Knock on Any Door, 1949) when she was 11 years old. Motley served as her mentor in writing and inspired her to continue to pursue her dream of being a famous author. This relationship continued until his death.

Inspiration for this Book
Lynne spent many of her younger years in Sydney, Australia watching the service men and women enjoying their leave and often wondered about the feelings of the families they left behind. This is how the idea for In Small Measures was born. The book and characters evolved many times before she made the final decision to move forward and publish. From this experience, she learned that characters take on a life of their own. So, as you turn the pages of In Small Measures, you will notice the development of Kris (the main character) and be able to see Lynne's ideas unfold right before your eyes.

Personal Life
In her spare time, Lynne enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, watching movies, reading/writing books, dining out with friends, and going to the horse races. According to her, "there is nothing more exciting than watching those beautiful 500 pound athletes thundering down the straight and watching their delight as they thrill to the crowds when they have won."

Future Plans
In addition to In Small Measures, Lynne has two books forthcoming. One is a how-to book on the topic of fundraising (an industry she spent a good portion of her professional life in) and the other she affectionately refers to as "a mystery with a difference".

You can learn more about Lynne Burke by visiting her website at



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