A Science for Survival

by Muhammad Jerr'


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After over 400 years of the worst treatment ever imposed on a human being, after over 500 years of generational emotional and physical pain, after over 150 years of having self invalidation where we live in the valence of our slave masters, what are the communication, reality and affinity breaks that undergirds the black community.


Book Excerpt

Having live through the pre-Civil rights era, a time of segregation (1865-1965) and post-civil Rights era, a time of integration (1965-presen) it has been my observation over the past 45 years of y adult life that the black community has been lacking something of serious importance. a need that I believe, that is so important that a question of comparison between blacks and other ethnic group arises. A question of why the black community fails to sustain a self-supporting system as other communities, a system of an infrastructure by which it can function as a "normal and viable" community..


About the Author

Muhammad Jerr'

Born and raised in his beloved North Carolina where he developed a deep love for his people and an even deeper understanding of their plight, Jerr' Muhammad has been a world traveler, a businessman, a community activist, an educator and a journalist that has developed and broadened his scope and given him a unique insight into the interaction between people of color and institutional racism and the mentality that undergirds both.