The Incredible Mind

by Robert Lovelace


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The following excerpt shows what the life of the individual is all about. “A kid with an old mind in his brain.: “Mom, getting my doctors degree when I was a kid has taught me a lot of good lessons on growing up physically and has enumerated the pitfalls of adolescence. It is not that I would not like to try the things the indulging kids my age are crazy about but I still feel like a king being in control of myself. I do not feel that I was ever a kid except when we lived in New York. I do not let it bother me but I sometimes wonder how it would have felt or whatever. I know that someday I will find a lady that I will love forever and then I will let you know. How is that?” I explained to her.”


About the Author

Robert Lovelace

Robert F. Lovelace was born August 14, 1919. Lives in San Antonio, Texas. Spent years in Europe during World Was II and retired as an Army Lt. Colonel, MSC. Graduated from Trinity University San Antonio, Texas in Business Administration. Owned and operated Nursing Homes in the San Antonio Medical Center. Married, has 3 children, 2 grand children and 2 great grand children.