I’m Very Ferris

A Child’s Story about In Vitro Fertilization

by Tess Kossow


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Families are made every day, in many ways!

Meet Ferris, a baby boy who has an amazing, real-life story about his entrance into the world. Told from a child’s point of view, I’m Very Ferris gently explains infertility through in vitro fertilization and celebrates the miracle of Ferris’ birth in a beautifully illustrated rhyming book. So join Ferris as he kicks off this refreshingly honest children’s series with an introduction to IVF and what his mama and dad experienced so that they, too, could have a baby of their very own!


About the Author

Tess Kossow

Tess Kossow is following her entrepreneurial dream with her editorial passion which allows her to be closer to husband, Dan, their son, Ferris, and loyal pup, Mr Big. With approximately one in eight couples experiencing infertility, the topic of IVF is more and more relevant in today’s society. Children, as much as adults, deserve the knowledge of understanding this dedicated process of reproduction, lovingly told through the life of a child.

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