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I like Big Buts The Bible Does Not Lie

Did you really read that title right? Can you say But and Bible in the same sentence without being zapped by lightning? Yep you did and yes you can! God actually loves BIG BUTS, the Bible cannot lie. The word BUT is used thousands of times in the Bible! I LIKE BIG BUTS is designed to show us that God knew there would be things that would go wrong, be wrong, and sometimes feel like rock bottom. These verses show us that even the wrong turns, bad choices, broken hearts and dead ends are not absolute, because a BIG BUT can turn everything around. This little book is full of BUTS that can help you through this crazy life.


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Patti Reim

Meet Patti, wife of Rick, high school teacher and coach, Mom of Josh, soccer player and college student, and Crystal precious resident of heaven. Patti has lived and survived many lives including the retail world with The Disney Stores and more. She has seen the world through the professional eyes of a Children’s Minister of a large suburban church, as an owner and director of a large Early Learning Center and is now traveling the world as a flight attendant. She is a lover of people and has a gift for sharing that love through straight forward words of wisdom. She is a recovering people pleaser and her words are saturated with grace that comes from this freedom. She has seen God turn the unlikeliest of circumstances into beauty. Often turning her story around with a BIG BUT.