I Don't Want to Eat That

by Dr. Kara Paat


Book Details

Trying new foods or getting a picky eater to eat healthier foods can be hard!

As a healthcare practitioner since 1999 and a loving mother to her daughter Roxie, Dr. Kara Paat’s passion has always been to help children thrive. Over the past two decades, she has worked with many children who struggle with behavioral, learning, and emotional challenges. As a routine practice, she reviews food diaries. More often than not, she discovers that the majority of each diet revolves around nutrient-deficient foods and lacks fresh vegetables, fruit, and protein. Parents often admit that as much as they try, they struggle to get their picky eaters to try healthier foods. Dr. Kara Paat has worked with many picky eaters in her practice, and she has seen firsthand how food can interfere with school performance, behavior, and physical ability. She has also witnessed the amazing results that accompany the transition to a healthier diet. Education, not dictation, has been the most effective way for Dr. Paat to facilitate an intrinsically self-motivated change in each child’s dietary habits.


About the Author

Dr. Kara Paat

Dr. Kara Paat has written and illustrated this book to help educate and encourage children to make healthier food choices for themselves. This book demonstrates the relationship between food choices (good and bad) and their impact on how we think, feel, function, and behave.