I Don’t Know... But Here Is What I Have So Far

Non-Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions

by ANuVoyce

I Don’t Know... But Here Is What I Have So Far

I Don’t Know... But Here Is What I Have So Far

Non-Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions

by ANuVoyce

Published Dec 19, 2020
120 Pages
Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General


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The Mind, The Moment, Fear and the Ego.

There are things you pick up along the way, if you hold on to too many, it will become difficult to carry them and you will be unable to pick up anything new. There are no secrets in this book only reminders of what you already know to be true. Perhaps it is time you heard them again. Perhaps it is time you put a few things down. Drawing on 35 years of meditation, Buddha, The TAO and clinical research with modern perspectives we travel down many rabbit holes that may lead to a better understanding of self in the world of chaos.


Book Excerpt

Hi there : ) 
For the last five years I have been on a journey full of discoveries. What I have found in my travels, down many rabbit holes, is that the world I knew, the world that had been taught and told to me, was not the world I wanted to be in. I saw a world that was full of anger, frustration and depression, with no way out and no available fix. For me, I wanted something else, so I searched for a way to change the world, and I found it. The world, as I have come to accept it now, is full of doors that can, if opened and passed through, lead towards a greater understanding of both the world, and of our self, within it. The process, as I have come to discover, involved many stages. Learning how to think without bias or with logic instead of blind belief in the systems of control. Learning that what may be good for some, is not good for all, and discovering for myself, what that means. Trust and compliance within these systems is not always the best for self, and finding out who I am and what I want for myself and how that would affect others is not just important, but vital to growing a harmonious relationship with my fellow humans and also the very world that we call home. Relying on someone else, or a system to create positive change in self and for others is not going to work, at least it does not seem to have so far, and there is no indication that it will or even plans too. Hidden away from the majority there exists solutions to all these problems that we all face daily, from the smallest scale to the grandest, from a personal to a global and into a still mostly undefined region as well. These things are easily seen when we have learned how and this, learning how, is a small part of the information I have put together.

 Chapter four
~ Control ~

Imagine, if you can, having everything work out the way you want it to every time. There is never a need to try again, you always get it right the very first time, in every aspect of your life, sheer and utter perfection. This is what those whom seek control wish for and are frustrated by in self and in others. Now imagine this perfect world every day, all day, for how long do you think this would be enjoyable? A day, a year, 100 years, all the years? I for one would last about a week, I like the challenge of the chase, the success after failure is far more satisfying and, let’s not forget about all that sweet learning. So here you are living in this perfect world, for all perceivable time, boredom sets in, you begin to wish for something to go wrong, just because a change would be nice, I mean poker for one thing would be way less fun, and there could never be a winner at anything, and no more epic fail videos, yikes, lol. Now, imagine that wish gets granted, and you now live in a world where there is not perfection everywhere, where things go wrong, failure exists and you are once again challenged by the world you live in. Imagine the awesomeness of such a world full of challenge, conquest, and victory over overwhelming odds. Now look around, and welcome it.
Seeking to control, folly I say, a vastly overrated experience, and foolish. Most people barely have control over themselves, their desires, and the means in which to satisfy these desires....


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I am ANuVoyce I am one voice in many. Can you hear me? 

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