I Am Equus

Understanding the Horse's Potential through Everyday Encounters

by Duaa Anwar


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Go Beyond Textbook Psychology

To Bridge the Gap Between You and Your Horse

Have you ever felt there was more to your horse than most people presume? If so, you were probably right. What we take for granted from our horses has long been dismissed as simple instinct, but horses have the capacity for complex emotions, intelligence, and a consciousness not commonly accepted as a trait of the animal kingdom. Horses have demonstrated “human” traits such as humor and compassion for as long as we have shared the earth, and it is up to us to figure out what we have in common to improve our communication skills with them. In I Am Equus, you’ll get to know horses that have demonstrated amazing trust, survived against all odds, formed lifelong friendships, made people laugh, and taught others inspirational life lessons. Some have even saved lives. At last, equus is presented in his true intellectual and emotional potential.


Book Excerpt

“Because of the many human attributes people assign to horses, describing them as stubborn, uncooperative, or hateful, they find themselves standing at the edge of a wide communication gap. The only way to break the cycle of tension is to narrow that communication gap. How to do so can be partly explained in equine psychology books. The other part is to understand horses on an emotional level.”


About the Author

Duaa Anwar

Duaa Anwar, an Egyptian raised in the United Arab Emirates, was born with a love of horses. She spent most of her life reading and studying about horses until finally becoming a horse owner in 1995. She is a dressage rider and judge, and advocates classical riding and natural horsemanship through her website www.ArtofRiding.com. Her articles have been published across the web and in many equestrian publications. She is currently preparing for an instructor qualification issued by the British Horse Society.