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I Almost Gave Up, But Giving Up Is Not an Option Anymore!


It was fascinating to think how my life appeared so well put together by so many other people, but deep down inside I knew the threads were coming apart at the seams. Several events and/or experiences of years past and present brought this notion to mind to share with family, friends, and readers the tremendous blessings of endurance. It is especially important to focus on the fact that you can be a Preacher’s kid and grow up all your life in church and still find yourself in a dark place of no return. This book has been written primarily for the person who is hurting and the enemy has told them that there is no way out. It is critical for you to be aware that it is OK to feel out of touch at times, but also to know you don’t have to face your fears alone. There were scriptures and stories used in this book for demonstration from the King James Version of the Bible. This book comes from the depth of my heart knowing now that we can survive our trials and tribulations one step at a time. This is not a full or complete account, but it definitely depicts a portion of the important ways God protected me and showed His Love in so Many ways even when I didn’t see Him. God still specializes in things that seem impossible and can do what no other power can do. There Is Nothing In Giving Up!!!


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P.J. Ingram-McPhee

Peggie “P.J” Ingram-McPhee is a retired Social Worker; Child Abuse Investigator; Juvenile Probation Officer; Family Self-Sufficient Counselor; and Paralegal. As you can see I have had a very exciting working career full of adventure but there was still something missing from my life. It was at the end of my frustrations and hardship that I found completeness. It is my sincere wish that somehow through my story and/or reflections that others can discover the dreamer living inside of them as well.



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