A Universal Human Rights Model

A Human Rights Handbook

by Nazar Al Baharna


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Human Rights: An Essential Priority

The violation of basic human rights is one of the most critical issues facing today’s world. Across the globe, from Syria to Rwanda to Myanmar, millions of innocent people have been tortured, killed, or persecuted due to their beliefs or minority status. Ethnic cleansing and genocide have murdered millions more, and widespread denial of equal rights to women is still on the rise. No country in the world is immune to human rights abuse. A Universal Human Rights Model is a practical handbook that provides immediate, practical guidelines to achieve measurable results in any situation. It defines human rights, details the elements of the human rights model, and explains how to use the model to implement a human rights action plan on a national scale. It also includes a human rights index, and indicators by which human rights activists can measure their progress. A Universal Human Rights Model is an invaluable tool for state agents, government officials, human rights advocates, NGOs, researchers, and everyone who takes an interest in this important topic. Human rights are what reason requires and conscience demands. Let this book give you the tools you need to make a positive impact. “We who have lived under the terror of totalitarian communist regimes, we know too well that the end of the Cold War nightmare and of the crimes against humanity committed by the Soviet regime in Russia and Eastern Europe was not primarily due to the military or economic pressures made by the West, but provision to the obligation of respecting human rights, undertaken by the signatories of the Helsinki Accords, which revived the struggle of the peoples in Eastern Europe for their own human dignity. Now, when a new wave of popular movements claim these rights in different regions of the world, Nazar Al Baharna’s book, A Universal Human Right Model, is not only a welcomed conceptual approach, but also a guide of practical actions for achieving a fairer and better world for all.” – Emil Constantinescu, President of Romania 1996-2000 “With his profound knowledge of world civilizations Dr. Nazar Al Baharna gives a vision of new perspectives for the future. His sensitive way to speak to the younger generations gives this book a great attractiveness. The author’s highly appreciated activity at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin has proven the high ethical standard of his thoughts. Human Rights being considered as a tool to improve living together and understanding each other makes this – A Universal Human Rights Model – a basic work for NGOs and Governments. I sincerely congratulate Dr. Nazar Al Baharna for his work.“ – Dr. Erna Hennicot Schoepges, Minister of Culture and Religions a.d., Luxembourg “Human rights are a precondition for our world. If we are speaking about that we are living in the global village so it is very important that we have common rules. First at all these common rules have to guarantee the human conditions. We are in the beginning of this job, therefore every effort on this subject – like this book – is extremely important.” – Dr. Erhard Busek, Former Vice-Chancellor of Austria; Former Minister of Education of Austria


About the Author

Nazar Al Baharna

Nazar Al Baharna is an academic, entrepreneur, and former State Foreign Minister. He has considerable expertise in the areas of education, training, energy management, and technology. He has spearheaded reforms in policy and strategy, influencing critical decisions at the highest level and developing mutually beneficial alliances internally and externally. He has been at the forefront of human rights reforms, involving preparing the national government’s first-ever human rights report and action plan for presentation to the UN Human Rights Council. His recommendations were adopted as best practices by several developed countries on the council.

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