How Scrooge Saved the World

by April Knight


Book Details

The Amazing, Almost True Story of Scrooge

How Scrooge Saved the World is a quirky, irreverent satire filled with dark humor and unforgettable characters. Definitely diabolical and not politically correct, but hilarious and will keep you laughing. The story opens on Christmas Eve 1843, Scrooge is a young, handsome, environmentalist, humanitarian and philanthropist. Tiny Tim is Scrooge’s illegitimate son and the two of them save London from the zombie hoards. Gruesome and ghoulish and filled with gallows humor, forget everything you thought you knew about Scrooge and Tiny Tim, this is a riotous, tongue-in-cheek romp through history and a triple twist in a Christmas classic.


About the Author

April Knight

When April Knight was thirteen she sold the first story she wrote to a national magazine. She’s had over a thousand stories published, has had a newspaper column for twenty-five years and has had over thirty books published, including two award winning best sellers. April is a member of the Kiowa Indian Tribe, her Kiowa name is Hummingbird. She received the CHIEF Award for her contributions to the Native Americans through her writing.