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The nightmare begins on a lonely country road when young bride Elaine Stern suffers a “fate worse than death” at the hands of a werewolf. Nine months later, the traumatized woman gives birth to a pair of fraternal twins. One, Jason, is frail, bespectacled and timid. The other, Joshua, is aggressive and hairy, with uncanny strength. When the boys are in their teens, they arrive at Hallerton College, a mysterious place where weird things tend to happen even before they get there. The horror goes into overdrive when a string of grisly murders paralyzes the campus. As the body count mounts, Jason begins to suspect that his brother has inherited the curse of lycanthropy. He races to find a cure, enlisting the help of the wise, adventurous and beautiful Professor Cairo Oldewood. Also along for the ride are Cameron, a gorgeous blonde coed, and Jason’s fearless roommate Dylan, an extreme-sports junkie who will do anything for a thrill—even face the full fury of a rampaging monster. Together, to save Joshua’s soul, they must solve a centuries-old mystery before the full moon rises again and before the hour of the beast is upon them! “Hour of the Beast” is written in fire and blood. This gripping, fast-paced mystery/thriller features an Indiana Jones-type heroine, Cairo Oldewood. It will keep you turning the page to the very last horror.” -- J.e. Franklin, winner of New York Drama Desk Award. A MUST-READ FOR ALL HORROR FANS!


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C. Michael Forsyth

C. Michael Forsyth is a graduate of Yale College, and earned his Master’s degree in film from New York University. A former senior writer for Weekly World News, he is also the author of numerous screenplays. He lives in Greenville, SC. To learn more, visit



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