The Hidden Voice of Africa

by Sebastian Joseph


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Africa: You Must Cast Off Your Colonialist Oppressors!

What is the wealthiest continent in the world? Would it surprise you to learn that the answer is Africa? Every country in Africa has vast riches in the form of gems, gold, minerals, hydrocarbon resources, and more . . . and yet, in most African countries, the standard of living is abysmal, except for those who collaborate with colonialists to keep the African people poor, their wealth exploited and stolen from them It may surprise many to learn that the wealthiest continent in the world is Africa.

The book covers huge business opportunity with a little investment and the inspirational stories that can improve you as entrepreneur in future from African Continent. Every country in Africa has vast riches in the form of gems, gold, minerals, hydrocarbon resources and 70% of the minerals are exported from Africa to the entire world is an unexposed hidden secret. The Hidden Voice of Africa is an urgent call for change. It provides a concise history of colonialism in Africa and an examination of ongoing humanitarian and civil rights abuses, as well as a practical, exciting template for sweeping reform to return Africa’s wealth to her people. Whether you are a member of the Black diaspora living in another country, a citizen of Africa seeking a better life, or an ally who wants to support justice for Africa, this book will enlighten and inspire you.

The world is now in the hands of mentally ill, warmongering fanatics. They have less conscience than cruel wild animals. They spend money to create powerful weapons that can destroy the earth in the blink of an eye. Because of their power, less than 10% of the world’s population has a prosperous, comfortable life. The rest of the world is sacrificed for the convenience of these people, who make up 10% of the population.
Planet Earth is not the sole property of just a few people. We are all born into the world with equal rights as humans. The earth itself does not discriminate between white skin or black skin. The white man should not be considered superior, and the black man should not be considered inferior. White and black are products of geography, not of merit. When we came into this world, we brought nothing with us, and when we die, we will take nothing with us. During our lifetimes, peace is stolen from us in the world because of impatience, pride, and domination. If we fail to question these injustices, how can the next generation live here?


About the Author

Sebastian Joseph

Sebastian Joseph is a writer, independent social and humanitarian worker, strong believer in human rights, and a frequent visitor to Africa, presently doing business in Africa and Qatar. Joseph was born in India, in the State of Kerala, “God’s Own Country.” Currently he lives in Qatar. His vision is to improve conditions for poor people around the world, especially Africa, and save them from poverty and hunger. The world is now in the hands of mentally ill fanatics who thrive on keeping Africa war-torn and oppressed. They have less conscience than wild animals. Joseph believes that the world should not be the sole property of a privileged few, and that we are all born with equal rights as human beings. World peace is sacrificed to impatience, pride, and a desire to dominate. He is ready to join hands in the fight with those working against corruption and inhumanity. He believes that this book will give back to every human being, and that giving back is essential to life in the modern world.



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