The Hero's Awakening

Book 1- Freshman Year of High School

by Jerry Mcadoo


Book Details

The Light Shines Brightest in the Dark

At an elite high school for the training of heroes, three young men face their inner truths. Brought together by destiny and led by fate, James, Tie, and Lee make a stand for peace during their first year, doing jobs for the school. As they learn their strengths in martial arts and magic, the boys will have decisions to make with roots in the past and potential for the future. Will they stand true to the light, or will they be tainted by the many evils of the world? Fast-paced and action-packed, this book will capture your imagination!


About the Author

Jerry Mcadoo

Jerry McAdoo is an up-and-coming entrepreneur. He and his family landscaping business aspire to change the world, one house at a time. Jerry and his small, loving family live in Westland, Michigan