Here's Your Sign

Following God's Direction For Your Life

by Charnelle Whittemore


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God Can Dream A Bigger Dream For You Than You Can Dream For Yourself

Constantly trying to find a balance between career and family, Charnelle found herself in a miserable situation. The strain of her workload was affecting her ability to be the kind of employee, wife, and mother she wanted to be, and she wondered how other mothers juggled these roles. Finally, after consulting with her husband, Charnelle gave notice and turned her attention toward finding a new career path—one that would allow her the freedom to devote time to her family. Letting God pave the way, Charnelle prayed for a sign to lead her in the right direction. And when she did receive her sign—in a decidedly unique way—she finally found the road to true happiness and the success she’d dreamed of for years.

If you’re still struggling with what you want to be when you “grow up,” pray for your sign, and pray for God’s will in your life. He is with you for every step of your journey, waiting to guide you toward the right path, so continue to keep your eyes on God and let Him write your story. It’ll be so much better than what you could ever imagine yourself!


About the Author

Charnelle Whittemore

Charnelle Whittemore is the owner and broker of Charnelle Whittemore Realty in Starke, Florida. With multiple career achievements, including millions in real estate sales, Charnelle is an enthusiastic author and speaker who is passionate about helping others find and understand their purposes and career callings. Married to Michael, and mother to teenagers Dylan and Tristen, Charnelle is also driven to motivate others and encourage husbands and wives to renew their love for each other. In addition to her career in real estate, Charnelle is an active supporter of her community through her business and a music leader and piano player at her church.