Fly Me to the Moon

Bipolar Journey through Mania and Depression

by H. E. Logue, M.D.


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Enjoy Eileen's Mania; Empathize in her Depression

This novel gets you inside Eileen's mind, buckles you in for her adverterous journey of highs, lows, romance, intrigue, betrayal and triumph. Effortlessly, the reader absorbs a deep understanding of Bipolar Disorder, those with it and those who must deal with it.
The novel is so informative that it provides medical doctors with educational credit.


Book Excerpt

The exhilarating rush was unmistakable and escalating. Eileen's mind was racing. She was sure that she had never felt better. Fantasizing greatness, Eileen wondered, 'Will they name the first space bus after me, Eileen?' She visualized it emblazoned boldly on their conical shaped bus. "I will be Head of Space Travel, Inc. no longer working as a CPA. We will have regular trips to the moon, and take advanced reservations for Mars. I will travel the world over. I'll have my own suite on the moon and visit there regularly. Moon City will prominently display a life-size statue of me, Founder of Moon City.'
Eileen became aware of herself, 'My goodness, look at me, I'm dancing. Where does all of this energy come from?

Find out by reading Fly Me to the Moon: Bipolar Journey through Mania and Depression!


About the Author

H. E. Logue, M.D.

Dr. H.E. Logue has made a life study of the human condition. His literary gift to the reader is his capable ability to translate 37 years of psychiatric experience and knowledge into a novel format. The story progresses rapidly without technical speed bumps. Fly Me to the Moon is the first in a series of novels that will explore conditions of the mind.

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